Corporate Team – Gillier Humanity

Bruno Gillier – Executive Chairman and CEO

Mr. Bruno Gillier is Executive Chairman and CEO of Gillier Group, as well as Director and CEO of Capital Merchant Limited, Gillier Humanity and Diplomatic Group. The companies have divisions in the following areas: commodities, currency conversion, project trading platforms, food export and humanitarian and commercial projects. Bruno has close personal ties to the areas he supports. He was born in Tahiti and has lived and traveled extensively in Fiji, Europe, Dubai, South Korea, Australia, Thailand and the Philippines. His family opened and operated luxury hotels in Singapore (Le Meridien), Tahiti, New Caledonia, Luxembourg and France. Bruno’s stellar reputation in the international hospitality industry and the number of high level contacts he has made throughout the years facilitated his branching out into international development, commodities and humanitarian concerns. Bruno created his commodities division in 2007 in response to his international clients’ requests for a reliable source of commodities such as gold bullion. He uses part of the profits from these transactions to help fund his humanitarian projects.

Barry Toomey QC – Legal Counsel and Director (Sydney, Australia)

Barry Toomey QC has been practicing law in Sydney, Australia for over 46 years; he was granted the prestigious honor of Queen’s Counsel (QC) 33 years ago. Barry is Head of Chambers of the renowned Jack Shand Chambers in Sydney, which is comprised of 3 Queen’s Counsel, 5 Senior Counsel and 25 Junior Barristers. His areas of practice include international law, commercial law, appellate law, common law, Commissions of Inquiry, criminal law and police law. As a top barrister, his cases have helped establish the law in Australia. He has been the counsel assisting a number of Royal Commissions and Special Commissions of Inquiry and has been lead counsel for the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption in several of its major investigations. Barry has served 12 terms as a member of the New South Wales Bar Council, the governing body of Barristers in the State, and has been chairman of several of the council’s Ethics Committees. He was majority owner of a leading Sydney hotel for 26 years.

Ricardo Rigobon – Director (Caracas, Venezuela)

Ricardo has over 30 years experience in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy Generation, Environment, Agricultural, Agro-Industrial, and Pharmaceutical industries. He has extensive field experience as well as management and marketing experience. He was involved with financial studies made for clients’ projects and directed teams in order to achieve the clients’ goals. Ricardo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from living and working in many countries, including Venezuela, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Oman, Kuwait City, Singapore, China, Syria and Pakistan. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Simon Bolivar University in Caracas.

Betty Patalis Gillier- Director of Interior Design – (Sydney, Australia)

Betty and her team are trained in hospitality business designs where the goal is to create the “look and feel” desired by the hotels with cost effective, easy to maintain materials and furnishings. Betty understands the importance of budgetary demands, cost control, critical delivery schedules and on-going maintenance requirements. With over 11 years of experience in the industry, she will work quickly and efficiently to stay within the hotel’s budget and meet the deadlines. Betty suggests the most appropriate alternatives to accentuate the hotel’s design. She works with many qualified manufacturers who have excellent custom production capabilities, and she will create an outstanding, signature look.

Chantelle Gillier – Marketing Director and Operations – (Nadi, Fiji)

With a background in Call Centers and corporate marketing companies, Chantelle started off in the Operations department and progressed rapidly through the Sales and Marketing Industry, where she specialized in Training, Recruiting and Customer Account Management. Chantelle has been involved with a variety of different products, ranging from finance, marketing, hotel development, telecommunications, holiday packages, IT products, door to door marketing, and corporate business development. Chantelle has traveled throughout Southeast Asia, the United Arab Emirates and Australia to train at inbound and outbound call centers specializing in high return products.

Mark Wessel – Director of Humanitarian Projects – (Panama City, Panama)

Mark Wessel was given the title of Honorary Roving Ambassador. Mark holds a B.A. in International Business Administration from Florida State University, with post graduate studies at Louisiana State University. He has over 30 years of successful experience in international business development having taken four companies global. Mark is a self-starter and leader with a passion for people, cultures and services. He is fluent in English, Spanish and German, and semi-fluent in French and Brazilian Portuguese. Mark specializes in starting new businesses, joint ventures, and expansion into international markets. Mark is an expert senior lobbyist for both the private and public sectors and has a history of success in closing international sales with several heads of state and leaders of industries globally. Mark has over 5 years in the field of banking and finance globally, working with agencies like the IMF, World Bank and U.S. Federal Reserve.

Mohammed El Sayed – Director of Humanitarian Projects – (Cairo, Egypt)

Mohammed is a Civil Engineer with 18 years experience in the general construction field, specializing in landscaping and theming works. He is currently the General Manager of COST Middle East Contracting LLC, which is the Middle East branch of the US-based COST of Wisconsin, the leader in Design & Build theming projects with 50 years experience in the field. Mohammed has extensive experience in the management of real estate development operations, specifically with unique waterfront projects in the UAE.

Ashish Varma – Director of Humanitarian Projects – (Galway, Ireland)

Ashish Varma earned a Doctorate in Polymer Engineering and holds over 20 patents for a variety of cardiovascular medical devices. He is currently the Managing Director of Yellowstone Investments Ltd. and has an extensive international network of clients in a wide range of business areas. A long-time citizen of Ireland, Ashish was born in India and has traveled extensively around the world including Antarctica, Africa, South America and North America. He and his wife are combining their shared passion for music, photography, nature and personal development into programs for disadvantaged children in Ireland as well as developing housing for homeless families in South America.

Derrick Brown- Director of Humanitarian Projects – (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Derrick graduated from the University of Oxford Brookes (Oxford, England) and has a strong background in Marketing, including physical distribution, brand management and sales. He is a Quantities Surveyor and has extensive experience in property development and the hospitality / food service industry. He started a freight brokerage company and previously was National Brand / Marketing Manager for Pioneer Foods Pty Ltd, one of South Africa’s largest food and beverage production and distribution companies.

Tomeo Rdm-Gressard Nakamura –Director of Humanitarian Projects – (Tokyo, Japan)

With extensive contacts in the hospitality and real estate industries, Tomeo spent the last 15 years building up solid networks in The United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea, China and the Pacific Rim. He founded ARABIA BUSINESS CLUB, a business and social club, under his Japanese institution Nakamura BS Ltd. and he deals with commodities, finance, art, real estate and high-end hospitality developments.

Olga M. Araya – Director of Humanitarian Projects – (OL, Jaco Beach, Costa Rica)

Olga is a native Costa Rican who graduated as a Computer Software and Hardware Engineer. She started her professional career in the high tech industry working for Intel; she later moved to the Dominican Republic to run the Logistic and Administrative Division of a manufacturing complex in a Santiago Fee Zone. Her responsibilities included hiring and training personnel and providing logistical support to the other divisions in Mexico, Guatemala and Los Angeles. She started her real estate career in California. Her dedication to providing superior customer service to all her prospects has created an ever growing network of satisfied clients. Olga is a specialist in luxury real estate properties in Costa Rica as well as commercial properties and land for development.

Ana Lucia – Director of Humanitarian Projects – (Bogota, Colombia)

Speaking fluent English and Spanish, Ana Lucia is the point of contact for Colombia, with access to some of the country’s most iconic buildings and a wide range of high yielding commercial opportunities. Her links with Colombia’s leading developers ensure that the Gillier Group is at the forefront of any new commercial or residential property launches throughout the country, which is rapidly becoming one of the world’s brightest emerging property markets. Ana is able to deliver many of her country’s finest property investment opportunities to clients worldwide.

Duc Pham– Director of Humanitarian Projects – (Cambodia and Vietnam)

Duc Pham graduated from the University of Sacramento, California, United States, with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He is the founder and CEO of Maxmillian Investment Holdings Ltd, which has offices in Cambodia. Duc has had additional business activities over the past 12 years in the following areas: financial resources, hydroelectric, Au bullion, equity trading, commodity trading, currency trading and currency exchange. Duc is dedicated to developing large scale infrastructure-related projects globally and plans to play a major role in supporting humanitarian projects in Cambodia and Vietnam.

Demetrio Rocha Lyrio – Director of Humanitarian Projects (West Palm Beach, USA)

Born in Brazil, Demetrio graduated from the University of Vila Velha with a degree in business. He immigrated to the United States in 1985 and attended the University of San Diego. Demetrio currently lives in West Palm Beach Florida and is the manager of the public transit authority. He is fluent in Portuguese and English, and has many business contacts who own Brazilian bonds. Demetrio enjoys humanitarian work along with soccer and fishing. He is very involved with epilepsy research and hopes to spread awareness of the disease through the foundation.

Arnold Picar – Director of Humanitarian Projects (Manila, The Philippines)

Arnold (Al) Picar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and works for Pacific Global One Aviation Company as the Operations and Administration Head. Concurrently, he is a part-owner and Managing Director of Blue Mountain Mineral Resources Corporation. Al has had additional business activities over the past 7 years in the following areas: Au bullion, real estate development, bond monetization, and various humanitarian development projects. Al plans to concentrate on humanitarian projects in the Philippines.

Guillermo Castillo – Director of Humanitarian Projects (Nicaragua and El Salvador)

Guillermo Castillo is the CEO of Don Bosco Corp, a family group with more than 45 years of doing business in various fields such as legal, accounting, the funeral industry, Real Estate, advertising and commodities, in Miami and Central America. He is also the former CEO of a humanitarian project called La Chureca, which had the financial support of the Holy Cross Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale. He helped build a medical centre to provide a better way of life for the children near a garbage collection area in Nicaragua. Guillermo is ready to continue supporting humanitarian projects for the countries of Nicaragua and El Salvador.

Eva L. Mejia – Director of Humanitarian Projects (Nicaragua, Central America)

A native of Managua, Nicaragua, Eva studied tourism and languages at Delgado Junior College in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is fluent in English and Spanish. Eva has over 20 years of airline operations and personnel expertise and has been consistently recognized for improving operational procedures for several airlines. Eva is the owner of KLIFT EM LLC, which focuses on commodities, financing and investment, and is based in Miami, Florida. She also holds a Real Estate license and works in the South Florida luxury Real Estate market. Eva is very close to the Albir Family from Nicaragua, who founded Praise! Our Songs and Hymns: New International Version Responsive Readings, a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide cancer treatment to poor children in Nicaragua. Eva will join forces with the Albir Family to help their foundation.

Dr. Mark L. Born – Director of Humanitarian Projects (Bangkok, Thailand)

Dr. Mark L. Born is an Intake and Compliance Officer for a major Western European Private Placement Platform, which is where he became involved with Humanitarian Project Funding, which is a principal component of Private Placement. Dr. Born received his undergraduate degree from UCLA, followed by a Masters degree and a Ph.D. from the University of London, King’s College. With a legal background as well as a musical one, Dr. Born worked at one of the largest legal firms in the world for eight years before starting his own publishing company in Los Angeles. Later he turned his attention to economics and finance and has lived in Thailand for the past twelve years, where he plans to continue his humanitarian efforts.

Dr. Moses Onciu (Belgrade, Serbia)

As an ordained Bishop and CEO of David and Goliath International Ministries and Hope Ministries, Dr. Moses Onciu has multiple active ministry and humanitarian aid projects in Eastern Europe, South America, Asia, West Africa and India. The various projects are in the following areas: orphanages, education, medical, agricultural development, water well projects, water contamination remediation and alternative energy systems. In the private sector, Dr. Onciu owns and operates Sterling Crest International, an international business and financial services consulting group specializing in International Banking, Finance, Asset Enhancement / Protection and Historical Bond validation / redemption procedures. He is also the CEO of Allied Petroleum LLC, an international petroleum sector consultancy. Dr. Onciu has developed close personal ties to many high level contacts throughout the humanitarian and business sectors worldwide. His expertise is highly sought after as an international business and motivational speaker, in both corporate and humanitarian circles, and he is recognized as an industry leader in many types of project development.

Garnet M. Profit, CCIM (Vancouver, Canada)

Garnet Profit has an extensive development and business background including retail, hospitality management, real estate development, investment sales, leasing, marketing and consulting. Garnet received his Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation in 1989. He managed a full service hotel, ran a furniture company, operated a real estate company and a marketing company as well as getting into the development business. As the owner of several development companies, he gained substantial experience specializing in all areas of commercial real estate from conception, site selection, land acquisition and assembly, rezoning, financing, construction, use conversion, leasing and disposition. In recent years, Garnet has worked both in the commercial real estate and consulting fields doing risk analysis for individuals and companies.

Oscar C. Sanchez (Manila, the Philippines)

Oscar Sanchez is an exclusive mandate and trustee for one of the largest gold holders in the world, with accounts in many top international banks. Concurrently, he is also the Chairman of a charitable foundation in The Philippines. In addition, Oscar also has an extensive network of sources for raw gold bullion and bars from many areas in the Philippines. Oscar is an invaluable partner of the Gillier Humanity Foundation in the Asian region.

Irina Voit (Moscow, Russia)

Irina Voit has a Master’s degree in Linguistics and is fluent in Russian, English, French and Italian. Born in Russia, Irina has lived in the south of France and northern Italy as well, and has developed humanitarian, real estate and hospitality projects for European and Russian companies. She is involved with market research, strategic planning, and information technology. Before earning her Master’s degree, Irina attended the School of Art in Voronezh, where she studied graphics, painting, sculpture and art history. For the past five years, she has specialized in helping Russians and Europeans with relocation and business research and development.

Ingrid Gradinger – Director of Tours & Travel (Nadi, Fiji)

A native of Vienna, Austria, Ingrid spent 7 years in the tourism / hospitality industry at a hotel in Vienna in different capacities. She spent several years traveling extensively in Africa, Southeast Asia, North America, Australia and other parts of the world. While “on the road” she worked in Hong Kong, Vancouver and Sydney amongst other places and gained valuable experience in the travel industry. Ingrid arrived in Fiji in 1991, built a beach resort on Waya Island in the Yasawa group, and gained valuable insights into the Fijian tradition and culture. After selling the resort, she has lived mostly on the main island of Viti Levu and worked as a travel consultant for a leading Fijian in bound call center. Ingrid develops and conducts individual tours of Fiji and has published a Fijian-German phrase book and a German Travel Guide book for Fiji.

Rony Hershenzon – Director of Operations (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Rony is the founder and owner of RH-Global Realty & Investments, located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and also a partner of Arc-Hotel Consulting Network, located in Italy. He is a professional real estate broker, with experience of over 30 years in the real estate field. Rony’s last position was General Manager / CEO of Tefahot Properties & Investment Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the largest mortgage bank in Israel, and the fourth largest banking group in the country, which included branches in Europe, USA and South America. In the past 5 years, he has specialized in hotel real estate transactions, mostly in Europe. His clients are large public investment companies and funds, which look after assets and yield transactions.

Marshall Auerback – Director of Operations (Vancouver, Canada)

Marshall Auerback, a Fellow with the Economists for Peace and Security (, and a Research Associate for the Levy Institute at Bard College, also had had over 30 years experience in the investment management business, with particular emphasis on the emerging markets and natural resource industries. He has also worked as Director for Institutional Partnerships for the Institute for New Economic Thinking from July 2012-July 2015. From 1983-1987, he was an investment manager at GT Management (Asia) Limited in Hong Kong, where he focussed on the markets of Hong Kong, the ASEAN countries (Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand), New Zealand and Australia. His work in Australia largely focussed on the mining industry, which constituted the largest sector of the Australian equity market. From 1988-91, Mr Auerback was based in Tokyo, where his Pacific Rim expertise was broadened to include the Japanese stock market. From 1992-95, Mr Auerback worked in New York for the Tiedemann Investment group, where he ran an emerging markets’ hedge fund. From 1996-99, he worked as an international economics strategist for Veneroso Associates, which provided macroeconomic strategy to a number of leading institutional investors, and assisted Frank Veneroso (a former advisor to the World Bank) in the latter’s work on the gold market, which culminated in the publication of the“Gold Book Annual”, a study providing detailed analytical framework of the commodity supply/demand dynamics underlying the bullion market. From 1999-2002, he managed the Prudent Global Fixed Income Fund for David W. Tice & Associates, a USVI-based investment management firm, and assisted with the management of the mining sub-portfolio in the Prudent Bear Fund. Since 2003, he has worked as an independent economic consultant for firms such as RAB Capital, PIMCO, Madison Street Partners and Rainmaker LLC. Mr Auerback graduated magna cum laude with a BA from Queen’s University in 1981 and received a law degree from Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford in 1983.

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