Gillier Consulting offers a number of services for small to mid-sized companies and renders professional advice and guidance in the development of strategic business and marketing plans for the purpose of fostering our clients' growth. Below are some of services provided by Gillier Consulting Services.

Gillier Consulting provides a wide range of business consulting services for our clients, including:

  • Design of Business Development programs for clients desiring to open new markets for their existing products both in Dubai and overseas, including logistics and personal introductions to potential buyers and distributors.

  • Gillier Consulting advises on utilizing a company's assets to their fullest extent. This includes alternative uses of assets, untapped markets, and distribution channels through building a strategic plan to realize a company's greatest potential.

  • Searches for viable opportunities to utilize the resources the company may acquire through acquisitions, joint ventures or mergers.

  • Employs state-of-the-art techniques and develops strategies to improve the Client's internal efficiencies and overall effectiveness. Gillier Consulting has it s own design team, marketing team, sales team, management team, lawyer, accountant, draftsmen, website site designers and architects all in-house to deliver a faster, cost efficient and better service and delivery to each of our clients.

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