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Gillier Group specializes in helping businesses with telemarketing agents by working with well recognized International Call Centres.

By utilizing overseas call centres, your company will gain an international presence and near halve it s telemarketing costs. Our call centres supply superior customer service, credibility to your business and you can expand quiet rapidly.

Much of our experience has been gained in the banking business (credit cards, eftpos, mortgages, loan facilities).

We also work with telecommunication, IT, technology, superannuation, sales & marketing , debt recovery, travel and leisure, hotel reception in such forms as inbound & outbound services as well as appointment settings.

GILLIER HUMANITY is a charitable foundation dedicated to making a positive impact on the quality of life as well as on the economy of a specific global geographic area. GILLIER HUMANITY utilizes a two tier approach by first taking care of basic health / nutrition / clothing needs, followed by infrastructure / job / opportunities / housing / education / sports. This "hand up not hand out" philosophy will enable individuals and families in the selected areas to become self-sufficient and live productive and healthy lives while boosting productivity of the entire region.

MISSION STATEMENT: To make a positive impact on the lives and livelihood of individuals and families by providing services and education as well as economic opportunities to sustain the well-being and growth of the area.

INITIAL FOCUS: Venezuela, Tahiti, Fiji Islands and Sri Lanka.

Experience first class holidays at affordable prices, travel in style in our own executive coaches, and lodge in top hotels and resorts across Fiji and the outer Islands. With year-round tours ranging from exciting city breaks to relaxing seaside locations, Pacific Escapes has the dream vacation to suit everyone's individual taste and desire.

Pacific Escapes based in Fiji Islands, offers professional and dependable "coach hire" and group travel services throughout Fiji. Using proven and reliable coaches, we take great pride in delivering high quality "coach hire" at our renowned and for the best prices. A combination of great memories, strong word-of-mouth campaign, and repeat business has allowed us to enjoy dynamic growth since 2005. This year we will be expanding our operations in Dubai, Paris and Australia to focus on worldwide exotic packages.

Marketing is not about touting features and speeds or comparing yourself to the other guys, it's about identifying your own story, your own core, and being very, very clear about what you are all about and what you stand for...and then being able to communicate that clearly, simply, and consistently.

People want to know who you are and what you stand for. In some cases the brand is core value. Your goals, branding, image ,website and your logo are very important and must state exactly who you are. Your logo and tagline - your brand is the tangible face of your company, the first thing your customers see and think of. Conveying the right messages from the get go will influence potential customers, or substantiate your current clients perception of your company.

The value of both the tangible and intangible aspects of brand identity and logo development is an essential investment as your brand is the first and last thing to influence your sales.