GILLIER GROUP,founded by Chairman and CEO Bruno Gillier in 2001, is an Integrated Development and Marketing Business which is comprised of divisions in Development, Real Estate, Construction, Luxury Hotels, Hospitality, Marketing, Travel, Investment and Commodities, as well as Gillier Humanity.  A truly global enterprise, GILLIER GROUP has attracted professionals from around the world, blending expertise acquired in Australia, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America into a synergistic whole.

Gillier Group Marketing, a division of Gillier Group Development, handles developments in the following areas: residential, commercial, hotel, island, golf courses, sectional title hotel suites and developments, vacant land, managed condos, shopping centers and water bungalows, as well as total business marketing and infrastructure, including branding businesses, websites and logos, and designing professional training.  Gillier Group develops and handles the sales and marketing for major resort-based projects.

Gillier Construction serves both the public and private sectors with professional teams of contractors as well as construction materials (sand, gravel, ready-mix, asphalt concrete).  While best known for development and hotel infrastructure, other projects include condos, marinas, high rise buildings, mass-transit facilities and airports.  Gillier Construction is equally effective at building both large and small projects through its two operating divisions, from small site developments (currently serving the local home building market in Fiji) to massive multi-million dollar projects.

Since 1977, the team has worked on five star hotels in New Caledonia, Tahiti, Singapore, Japan, France, Luxembourg, UAE, Thailand, Fiji and the Philippines.  In the last five years, the team has traveled to the UAE, Australia, Europe, the Philippines, Thailand, India, South Korea and Fiji on numerous occasions, verifying infrastructure, capabilities and line of expertise. From this experience, Gillier Group has sourced a list of reputable hotels and top level connections, and gained significant understanding of the tourism and service markets in those areas.

The previous years were spent researching the needs and time-scales for new projects and developing a team of professionals to work on the systems and procedures required to manage the projects. Considerable time and effort went into this “R&D” phase. With Gillier Group’s existing reputation and contacts in the industry, we were able to secure significant Hotel and Marketing projects from recognized clients in this sector.
A decision was made to trade under a new entity that would fully utilize this knowledge base into mainstream Hotel and Marketing projects, with a key emphasis in offshore hotels.  At this point, Gillier Group has excellent business relations with a number of the large hotel chains and a list of projects has been brought on board to assist in this new direction. These valuable contacts provide the local market knowledge to assist with the entry of the chains into their target locations.

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